Staff Augmentation for US companies

How US Companies are Scaling With Staff Augmentation? 

Staff augmentation is a business model in which business owners augment or supplement their existing workforce with outsourced professionals to fulfill specific project needs or address skill gaps. This approach can allow business owners to gain access to a pool of global talent having specialized skills without the need for long-term commitments associated with permanent employment. 

However, staff augmentation also has its challenges, for instance it can be challenging for some business owners to manage remote teams, which can include difficulty ensuring effective communication, and potentially dealing with legal and contractual issues. 

To avoid this, business owners should partner with reliable staff augmentation firms who have several client testimonials and a fair number of decent reviews. Further, it is suggested that business owners select the staff augmentation firm that best meets their needs and business model to avoid any potential setbacks and streamline processes. 

Advantages of Staff Augmentation

Following are several advantages that staff augmentation can offer companies to stay competitive in the industry. 

Cost Efficiency

Hiring full-time resources for contractual jobs comes with significant costs as these resources require monthly salaries, benefits, training, and overhead costs. Staff augmentation can allow business owners to gain access to a pool of global talent when needed, without having to pay the long-term costs associated with permanent employees.


Staff augmentation can provide business owners with a flexible work approach: they can hire and release their workforce in accordance with their project requirements. This can help companies adapt to today’s rapidly changing business environment, helping them mitigate financial risks associated with market fluctuations and seasonal demands.

Access to Specialized Skills

SMEs might struggle with hiring highly-skilled experts due to their financial constraints or they might require resources with specific skill set for a shorter period of time. Staff augmentation can help them gain access to skilled resources without any hiring or training costs, which can not only save SMEs time but also avoid the headache of training an employee to match their company’s standards. 

Time Savings

Hiring a permanent employee can be pretty time consuming. Having to look for hours on the market for the right resource and then training that resource for the required task can be a distraction from strategic areas of the company’s interest. Staff augmentation eliminates the need for lengthy hiring processes and allows business owners to hire experienced professionals, saving time and streamlining the business process. 

Reduced Risk

Hiring a full-time resource comes with its risks. For instance, you might spend time and money on hiring an employee who may not suit your company’s work culture in the long run or they might resign due to personal reasons, costing your firm valuable time and money. With staff augmentation, business owners can avoid these risks as the responsibility of provision of skilled employees solely rests on the staff augmentation firm.  

Increased Productivity

As staff augmentation offers industry experts, the existing workforce within the company can gain some inspiration from them and use their professionalism as motivation to achieve their corporate goals. This can include meeting project deadlines more effectively, improved project outcomes and client satisfaction.

Geographical Diversification

Sometimes, SMEs might require a resource who can work outside of their native time zone. Through staff augmentation, business owners can have access to resources from various geographical locations. This can be especially beneficial for companies who are looking to reduce labor costs or tap into expertise not readily available locally.


Hiring external resources can bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to existing challenges. This can be especially vital in industries that are rapidly evolving, such as Information Technology or healthcare. For instance, in accounting, advances in inventory management and bookkeeping occur frequently. External professionals can provide up-to-date insights in these processes as they stay updated with their industry trends, a feature that an internal team might lack. 

Further, external experts can also bring innovative knowledge about industry best practices, helping the internal team to perform their tasks more efficiently. These augmented resources are experienced in dealing with a wide range of challenges through which they gain their skill sets while working with various clients and industries. Thus, their experience can be a source of effectively mitigating challenges that your firm may be facing. 

Resource Management

With Staff augmentation, business owners have the ability to allocate resources more efficiently. For instance, they can assign their internal employees to strategic tasks while outsourcing specialized or non-core functions, thus optimizing resource usage. This can also allow business owners to focus on business development.

Compliance and Legal Benefits

With staff augmented resources, you have access to professionals who are well versed in the management of legal and compliance issues. Companies typically engage with staffing agencies that handle accounting related tasks, reducing the financial burden on the company.

Work Accelerated: Your Gateway to Highly-Skilled Staff Augmented Resources 

Business owners can rely on Work Accelerated to hire staff augmented resources and achieve cost savings. Hiring external experts who can focus on non-core areas of your firm can help your business make a breakthrough in the industry since you will have time and more investment for the development and strategic planning of your company’s growth. 

We are dedicated to providing business owners in the US the opportunity to gain access to highly skilled outsourced resources all at a fraction of the US costs. In turn, business owners can focus on key areas that can help their company gain a competitive foothold in the corporate world.

In conclusion, staff augmentation can offer US SMEs a valuable strategy for managing their workforce, which includes reducing costs, and accessing specialized skills in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. It allows business owners to adapt quickly to changing demands, focus on core competencies, and remain competitive in their respective industries.

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