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Accounts Receivable Services.

Optimize cash & minimize hassle with WA’s professional accounts receivable services.

Enjoy consistent and early recovery, reduced Days Sales Outstanding, organized ledgers, seamless communication, and effective AR policy implementation.

Maximize Cash through Process Optimization

Effective Cash Management Strategies.

  • Dedicated professionals for following up on outstanding invoices, prioritizing aged receivables, and expediting recoveries.
  • Thorough tracking of current invoices within individual customer portals.
  • Expertise in cross-communication with internal and external stakeholders, including accounts, finance, sales, logistics, and brokers.

We Work With a Range of ERPs and Accounting Software.

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts receivable represent balances the debtors owe to the business. These debtors are usually the customers who are dealing on credit with the business.

Since accounts receivable management is crucial to a business’s liquidity and customer relationship management, it is important that the AR operations are maintained effective and efficient.

This is why WA provides dedicated and trained AR professionals to help you maintain optimum levels of liquidity and strong customer relationships.

With WA’s outsourcing or staff augmentation solutions for AR, you ensure reduced payroll costs while achieving higher work quality.

Trusted by fast-growing US companies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By implementing automation, integration, and technology solutions, streamlining procedures, establishing clear credit policies, implementing effective collections procedures, and building strong customer relationships, we can improve accounts receivable management.

The following are some of the benefits of accounts receivable services:

  • Specialized knowledge & expertise
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding, i.e., the time is takes for a receivable to be recovered
  • Consistent recoveries
  • Robust policies
  • Improved customer relations
  • Reduced cost of recovery
  • Updated AR records
  • Optimized AR balances
  • AR balances clearly distinguished from customer deduction balances

Accounts receivable management has a direct impact on the cash flow of a company. Effective accounts receivable management will ensure timely recoveries, reduced overdue accounts, and minimized average collections period, thus, improving the availability of working capital, cash on hand in particular, for the company.

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